A Sea View

In the heart of the small town of Darnley, Prince Edward Island lives Mitch Jollimore and his lobster fishing business.

This film tells the story of how he goes through his simple yet fulfilling life by helping others, his family,

and the families of PEI.


This past summer my family and I spent the last week of August in Prince Edward Island.

While on the hunt for the best lobster and oysters on the island, 

I met Mitch - a lobster fisherman and successful entrepreneur.


Friday, September 2nd, 2016, I sat down with Mitch to hear about his life.

Not more than 24 hours prior to this was the first time I met him.

It was one early morning that my family and I stopped by

to pick up a few lobsters for dinner - a task that would usually

be an addition to a story and not the story itself. Stepping into

Mitch’s shop was like opening the oven door to gooey warm cookies.

I was swept with fresh comfort, instantly filled with joy and curiosity.

The decor was simple but had so much character, from the hand-painted

wood buoys hanging on the wall to the framed pictures of his children.

It contrasted greatly to the industrialized stores we were used to in the city.

With fresh lobster, little oysters resting on ice, and inspirational

fishing quote posters, it was all about the details.


I was instantly inspired by his passion and humble journey,

so much so that the next day I drove back to the shop and

asked if I could capture his story in a short documentary.

Surprised at the thought, both due to his bashful personality

and my younger age, he accepted. 




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